Star Trek: TNG getting HD conversion

The issue with converting TNG to high def is that while all of the actors were filmed at a quality that’s just dandy for HD, all of the editing and post-production work, which includes every single special effect, was done on standard definition video. This means that there is no higher definition source for much of the TNG material, and the only way to create an HD version of the series is to go back and completely re-do every single freakin’ special effect by hand.

And that’s what Paramount is going to do.

yay! my only worry is that they’ll turn out like the TOS one did with some fairly obvious CGI where the awesome model shots used to be. Even in standard def, you can tell that the ships are highly superior looking models, with the one major draw back being that they didn’t actually DO anything in the series with the models.
via DVICE.

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