New STar Trek stars can’t do the Vulcan salute?

Quinto, 31, admitted he found it impossible to form his fingers into the distinctive V-shaped gesture, saying: “It’s much harder than it looks. Seriously.”

One on-set insider said: “Zach could do the salute some of the time but only after he’d positioned his fingers the right way off-camera.

“In some scenes he has to do the salute while speaking his lines so they ended up using skin-protective superglue, like they use in hospitals, to stick his fingers together.”

William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the long-running TV show and the first seven Star Trek films, was also unable to do the salute, so he used fishing line to tie his fingers together. []
ZACHARY QUINTO CAN’T DO THE VULCAN SALUTE | – Movie News for Brilliant Simpletons

How the hell did they find (and hire!) the only two people in the entire world that can’t move their fingers in the correct way?

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