John Scalzi On Star Trek (2009)

What I didn’t like: Good lord, was the science in this one bad. Dear Kurtzman and Orci: The next time you play with black holes, won’t you please talk to an actual scientist? Also: “Red Matter”? Seriously? Mind you, I don’t expect much out of Star Trek, science-wise, because, well. Let’s just say the track record’s just not there. Even so, at a certain point the science in one’s science fiction should at least wave in the general direction of plausibility. It’s not too much to ask for.
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3 thoughts on “John Scalzi On Star Trek (2009)

  1. This movie is beyond good. Anyone who says anything bad about this movie has a serious chip on there shoulder from years of being called Ugly. At least now we know that you ugly on the inside too!

  2. I’ll take a crack at why the film was so bad.

    Coincidentally, despite having an entirely different life due to his father being killed, James T. Kirk just happens to run into Commander Pike. Maybe Pike sought him out fine.

    Coincidentally, Kirk just happens to run into Uhura at the academy. Later coincidentally, McCoy. Then Spock. Ok ok, I can accept that.

    But then he’s thrown off the ship, and coincidentally lands on a planet that luckily has Spock Prime there to save him. What luck that Spock happened to be not only on that planet, but close enough to find Kirk – as planets generally tend to be pretty big. What luck.

    Oh, and another lucky break – Scott happens to be stationed on the same exact planet. Out of all the planets in the universe Scotty could have been on, it happens not only to be the planet Kirk was marooned on, and Spock Prime was marooned on, but all 3 of them are within spitting distance of one another and not only that, they find one another, entirely be accident.

    What luck.

    I won’t even go into the science of the film. Why bother? Most people don’t even understand how a lightbulb works, so all science fiction today is science fantasy.

    But the script of this film was so freaking stupid. The hand of god was everywhere in the film. It’s just crappy writing from lazy writers.

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