MY Cmdr T’Pol from DAY ONE @startrek Con Las Vegas

Alicia Marie (@aliciamariebody)

Hard to hate on this cosplay, that’s a great uniform and her ears are on point!

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Hey Nate Do My Job- Star Trek: The Experience [2001]

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Brooklyn Space Nine

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Batter Up! ANOVOS Debuts DS9 Baseball Gear and More | TrekCore Blog

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CBS Says Never Say Never About Shatner Returning To Star Trek

CBS’ President says there are currently no plans for William Shatner to return to Star Trek as Captain Kirk, but we should never say never.

Why not bring him back? FFS, there’s going to be a comic book about Data’s cat ‘Spot’, why not bring the cranky skeleton of Shanter out of Trek retirement for another go at it?

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Shmaltz Profit Motive Beer Launched At STLV To Celebrate ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’

Drink like a Ferengi with the latest Star Trek themed beer.

Some better information about this beer. I need to talk to my beer guy about ordering some of this.

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Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover

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Robert Picardo talks about how he conned his way into Star Trek First Contact Video Fixed

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New DEEP SPACE NINE-Themed Beer to Debut at STLV

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This video explains why we cannot go faster than light

The Universe has a speed limit and it seems there is no way around it

I think this is a hateful lie, but their video is pretty interesting none the less.

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