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New DEEP SPACE NINE-Themed Beer to Debut at STLV

Profet Motive Hopped Up Golden Ale makes its first debut at the Rio Hotel when the annual Star Trek Convention kicks off on August 1 in Las Vegas, released to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Deep Space Nine’s 1993 premiere — and labeled with the distinctive logo of Quark’s Bar.

I’ve had most of the Star Trek themed beers and while they’ve been pretty good I wish they would glom onto one and keep brewing it for longer than they’ve been doing it.

This Star Trek vodka boldly goes where blah blah you get it

Space is cool. Sending stuff to space is cool. Studying space is cool. Telling stories about space is cool. And booze is pretty cool, too. So why—tell me, really—am I so thoroughly underwhelmed by the idea of Ten-Forward Vodka?

Honestly I feel the same way, it seems hacky and chringy and I ordered a couple bottles already so I’ll let you know how this homeopathic alcohol ends up tasting and if I get space cooties or not.