Robert Picardo talks about how he conned his way into Star Trek First Contact Video Fixed

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New DEEP SPACE NINE-Themed Beer to Debut at STLV

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This video explains why we cannot go faster than light

The Universe has a speed limit and it seems there is no way around it

I think this is a hateful lie, but their video is pretty interesting none the less.

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This Star Trek vodka boldly goes where blah blah you get it

Space is cool. Sending stuff to space is cool. Studying space is cool. Telling stories about space is cool. And booze is pretty cool, too. So why—tell me, really—am I so thoroughly underwhelmed by the idea of Ten-Forward Vodka?

Honestly I feel the same way, it seems hacky and chringy and I ordered a couple bottles already so I’ll let you know how this homeopathic alcohol ends up tasting and if I get space cooties or not.

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SDCC18: UD Replicas Debuts Star Trek Line With Motorcycle Style Fashion Jackets

A brand new Trek licensee debuted at San Diego Comic-Con

These jackets look pretty dope but the moment anyone notices exactly what you’re wearing they’re going to laugh at you. They’re all going to laugh at you.

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Star Trek is getting a series of standalone mini ‘Short Treks’ episodes

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Star Trek Wireless Vulcan Earbuds

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Discovery Mirror Universe Experience Opens at Comic-Con

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“Star Trek: Discovery: Season One” on Blu-ray and DVD November 13, 2018

Click here to preorder!

No 4k, so all you’re getting is last generation definition with no HDR. Considering how dark and muddy the series was, I was really looking forward to seeing how it looked in 4k/hdr but alas, CBS has not opted for current generation technology.

Additionally it appears there is no digital version of the series to be included, which is a real shame.

Ten-Forward Vodka Announced

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