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Star Trek:TNG We didn’t start the Series

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Doctor Who/Star Trek – The Official Crossover

Bleeding Cool has squirrelled out news of an upcoming crossover that might send certain minds reeling. That in May, IDW are to publish a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover series. Featuring The Doctor, Rory, Amy, Captain Picard, Worf, Data, Geordie LaForge, Deanna Troy, Will Riker and the rest. And that this art, featuring the Doctor, Rory and Amy on the bridge of the Enterprise is a cover that will be used in the series.

What? Dr Who and Star Trek? What the hell is a bush leaguer like dr who doing with a Grade A series like Star Trek?

via Bleeding Cool.

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Patrick Stewart & Liam Neeson FIGHT

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Star Trek: The Inner Light – The Orchestral Edition

The Concert was in Landau, Germany. The Band is the Symphonic Wind Band of Landau (Community Band).

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USS Enterprise-C Coffee Table

The crafting site Etsy often has interesting home-made Star Trek items, but this one is especially impressive. Barry Shields from Tennessee is offering a coffee table shaped like the USS Enterprise C (from Star Trek: TNG’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise), carved from ash, poplar and cherry wood.

No idea why he chose to do the Enterprise-C, she was only seen in a couple episodes of TNG, and was ultimately destroyed by the Romulans…

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The 15 Most Devastating Space Vessels in the Star Trek Universe – via Topless Robot

In the Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry, there are a myriad of iconic images many people remember: Green Orion slave girls, the Borg, phasers, heroes, villains, and that big-headed alien that Clint Howard pretends to be that shows up at the end of the credits of the original series, and more. But take anyone off the street, and odds are they can identify at least one incarnation of the USS Enterprise. Starships have long been one of the easily recognizable parts of Star Trek lore; while Roddenbery’s vision of the future was for the most part peaceful, with brains far exceeding brawn, not all conflict could be resolved by hugging it out.

lots of videos, and I whole heartedly disagree with #1 (and it seems like the guy at TR has no idea WHY it’s so damn powerful), but this list actually reminded me that I missed a couple dozen ENTERPRISE episodes, one of which apparently took place in the Mirror Mirror verse, which reminds me, all the trek episodes are on Netflix… though none of the movies are, wtf.

via The 15 Most Devastating Space Vessels in the Star Trek Universe – Topless Robot.

Star Trek Watches Star Wars

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New trailer for Star Trek: TNG Remastered

After watching the entire TNG series on Netflix, I’m actually pretty interested in this higher quality, because let’s be honest, the current offerings are horrible looking. Not sure I’d be willing to pay money for just three episodes though.

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ST:TNG – The Avian Factor

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SAFE FOR WORK Trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody

On a distant planet, Data discovers the body of Lt. Tasha Yar, a former crew-member thought to be dead. While some of the crew are happy to see their lost comrade, others remain skeptical of her intentions. The appearance of a Romulan Warbird increases panic, and the Enterprise finds itself under attack from outside and within. Impending danger evokes lustful desires, as the crew turns to each other for comfort. Data and Tasha Yar rekindle their old flame, Troi and Riker put the Holodeck to use, and Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher finally have their moment of passion.


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